Our Alloy Wheel Services

Alloy Wheel Refurbishment


Rediscover the Splendor: Our Alloy Wheel Refurbishment service is a meticulous process that involves restoring alloy wheels to their original glory. We start by carefully removing imperfections, such as scuffs and scratches, followed by a thorough cleaning and preparation of the wheel’s surface. After this, we apply a durable finish that not only enhances the appearance but also safeguards against corrosion and wear, leaving your wheels looking and performing like new.

Alloy Wheel Services Barnsley

Alloy Wheel Powder Coating


Enhance and Protect. Our Alloy Wheel Powder Coating service involves applying a protective layer of electrostatically charged powder to your alloy wheels. This powder is then heated to form a robust, smooth, and even finish that enhances the aesthetics and provides a strong shield against rust, chips, and environmental factors. The result is a sleek, long-lasting appearance with exceptional durability.

Alloy Wheel Services Barnsley

Alloy Wheel Diamond Cutting


Exquisite Precision and Diamond Brilliance. Our Alloy Wheel Diamond Cutting service is the epitome of precision and style. This specialised process involves using state-of-the-art equipment to carefully remove a thin layer from the wheel’s surface, revealing a pristine, shiny layer beneath. The result is a stunning, intricately detailed finish that catches the eye with its diamond-like brilliance. Diamond cutting not only enhances aesthetics but also maintains the structural integrity of the wheel, ensuring it performs at its best while looking extraordinary. Choose this service for wheels that truly stand out from the crowd, showcasing a level of craftsmanship that is nothing short of exceptional.

Barnsley alloy wheel restoration service

Alloy Wheel Crack Repair


Seamless Restoration. Alloy Wheel Crack Repair requires precision and expertise. Our skilled technicians employ advanced welding techniques to mend cracks and imperfections in alloy wheels. We ensure that the repair is seamless, leaving no trace behind. This not only restores the wheel’s structural integrity but also maintains its visual appeal.

Alloy Wheel Services Barnsley

Alloy Wheel Welding


Reinforce and Restore. Alloy Wheel Welding is the solution for wheels with structural issues, such as bends or fractures. Our experienced welders employ TIG or MIG welding techniques to reinforce damaged areas, ensuring the wheel’s strength and integrity are fully restored. This critical service guarantees your safety and the longevity of your wheels.

Alloy Wheel Services Barnsley

Mobile Service


Convenient Expertise at Your Doorstep: Our Alloy Wheel Mobile Service is designed for your convenience. Our skilled technicians will come directly to your location with all the necessary equipment and materials. Whether it’s alloy wheel refurbishment, crack repair, or any other service, we provide expert solutions at your doorstep, saving you time and hassle.

Alloy Wheel Services Barnsley

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